Mar 01

Do you like Golf? Come support our Golf Day at R500/pp

Golf day


We are constantly looking to raise funds for our constantly growing infrastructure each year. This four ball for R2000 a team will hopefully be our largest fundraiser to date. Come support us on a journey around the world, where there will be food made in the spirit of different countries spread throughout the course. Phone our office for more details or for a booking.

Feb 20

2018 Open Day – Come and meet us

dlaartopenday (1)


Come and meet the family this Saturday on the school property. If you are looking for a loving environment to grow your confidence and sense-of-self during your formative years, come and see what we’re about. We would love to meet you.

Nov 09

Creative Arts Evening 2017

Well done DLA fam!

Weeks of practice culminated in a grand display of passion and art. Our learners from grade 8 through to grade 11 had a chance on stage to make us laugh and challenge themselves by performing for a crowd of over 150 people. Their entire year’s artworks were also on display for everyone’s viewing. Have a look at the pictures below to get yourself a glimpse of the evening.

Apr 19

Come See What We Are About! Open Day 22nd April.


Nov 07

Destiny Life Creative Arts Evening – An Annual Collection of Arts and Drama

Creative Arts Evening 2016 Poster

Oct 21

DLA Movie Day Term 3 – Raising money for our new premises

Sep 11

Creativity Born Through Hard Work

Creativity and Hard Work

One issue that all teachers face in the classroom is balancing being an advocate for both freedom in creativity and discipline through hard work. Swaying too much to either extreme causes an unbalance. A student who is worked overly hard, without room for creativity, will be miserable. A student who is given only freedom without being shown the value and importance of hard work will struggle to see tasks through to the end.thumb_dsc_0154_1024

In the recent weeks our students have displayed tremendous amounts of creativity and intentional hard work in putting on two large events in our annual calendar: the student-run Grade 11 Business Studies Fashion Show, and Matric Final Art Exhibition.

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May 14

DLA Open Evening 18th May


May 10

Taking the Classroom to McDonalds

How would you do education at McDonald’s you ask? We asked the exact same question.

As part of their Technology curriculum, the grade 8’s are investigating the impact of fast food packaging as one of the largest contributors to pollution. During homework investigations and heated classroom debates, we came up with some great student created solutions, as well as some harsh “send all the litterers to jail” ideas (not all the ideas were condoned!).

As a huge supplement to their learning, we took to the streets to do some real world research into how restaurants deal with these issues. McDonald’s Ballito was kind enough to allow us into their establishment and to show us the innermost workings of the fast food industry. We armed ourselves with carefully formulated questions, gained through our classroom debates, and were generously given a first-hand experience of how fast food packaging is made, stored and recycled or bio-degraded.

It was fantastic that we as a school were able to gain infield data on a topic from experts in their field. We believe that education should not be confined to the classroom and we are constantly looking for opportunities for students to explore their world and to learn via their curiosity.

Thank you Vincent (manager of McDonald’s Ballito) and your team, for the behind-the-scenes insight!

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May 03

Matric Dance – An Evening in Ancient Greece


Another very successful Matric Dance was held on Friday  night and our venue and our learners looked magnificent! (Our teachers and parents weren’t too shabby either.)


Thank you to our Grade 11 learners for assisting with the setup of the decor. You were fantastically creative!

Miss Kruger’s well-crafted masterpieces added genuine Greek authenticity to the evening. The pieces alongside with the ‘Zorba’ dance, danced enthusiastically by all of Grade 12, set the tone for a fun-filled, splendid evening.

It was genuinely heart warming to see the Matric’s taking full lead on the night, pulling teachers and parents onto the dance floor, sharing their meals with a dispersed teacher body and bringing joy and life to the whole event.

Collisheen Estate were incredibly efficient and helpful and the food was sublime.

What a wonderful way to celebrate life itself. OPA!



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