Enrollment & Curriculum

Our Curriculum


At DLA we follow the curriculum prescribed by the Department of Education (CAPS) and the learners write the National Senior Certificate (NSC) at the end of their matric year.  We do our best to enhance teaching and learning by providing addition learning opportunities through excursions, outings, school leadership camps etc.

Our grade 8 and 9 classes offer the following compulsory subjects: 

1. English(Home Language)
2. Afrikaans(First Additional Language)
3. Mathematics
4. Natural Sciences
5. Social Sciences
6. Technology
7. Economic Management Sciences
8. Life Orientation
9. Creative Arts

Our grade 10 – 12 classes offer a minimum of 7 subjects as outlined below. Whilst there is a choice of subjects in the FET phase, these choices are strongly guided by the academic strengths of the student. By the end of the grade 9 year, a student will have made a decision about his/her choice of subjects for the FET phase as follows:

A) The following compulsory subjects:

1. English(Home Language)
2. Afrikaans(First Additional Language)
3. Mathematics OR Mathematical Literacy
4. Life Orientation

B) A minimum of any 3 subjects chosen from the subject sets listed below.

Our subject combinations vary in each of the grades in this phase. This is as a result of the subjects chosen by the students in each of our grade 10 classes at the commencement of their FET phase.


5. History OR Visual Art OR Accounting
6. Physical Sciences OR Business Studies
7. Life Sciences OR Drama


5. History OR Drama
6. Physical Sciences OR Visual Art OR Geography
7. Life Sciences OR Business Studies


5. Geography OR Drama OR Physical Science
6. History OR Visual Art OR Accounting
7. Life Sciences OR Business Studies