Sep 11

Creativity Born Through Hard Work

Creativity and Hard Work

One issue that all teachers face in the classroom is balancing being an advocate for both freedom in creativity and discipline through hard work. Swaying too much to either extreme causes an unbalance. A student who is worked overly hard, without room for creativity, will be miserable. A student who is given only freedom without being shown the value and importance of hard work will struggle to see tasks through to the end.thumb_dsc_0154_1024

In the recent weeks our students have displayed tremendous amounts of creativity and intentional hard work in putting on two large events in our annual calendar: the student-run Grade 11 Business Studies Fashion Show, and Matric Final Art Exhibition.


The Fashion Showthumb_dsc_0042_1024


The organisation of the fashion show was done by the Grade 11 Business Studies class led by Mrs. Balkovic and Mrs. Gangai, the two inspired business teachers at our school. It took the team weeks of planning sponsors, finding venues, advertising, selling tickets, distributing vendor stands, recruiting models and organizing schedules to put an incredibly complex yet wonderfully creative show together. Their hard work and commitment paid off with a well-organised evening that allowed for students to become themselves and to put on a captivating performance for their onlookers. Parents, students and teachers danced and cheered together, it was community living (ubuntu) at its finest.


The Art Exhibition

thumb_dsc_0026_1024Here lies a teacher who is beyond passionate about her subject and her learners. Ms. Kruger and the Grade 12 Art students displayed true creative inspiration in a evening of sharp sculptures of glass, fine paintings and dotty sketches (stippling). You can see for yourself, in the pictures of the evening, the great quality of the art works. We are very proud that each student put in their all and produced such quality.

There was something said on the evening that will always stick with me as an inspiration, Ms. Kruger noted her favorite part of the this years art works: “Each student was given the exact same topics and artwork titles yet, EVERY student produced their own unique work that was different to my style of art”.

We love what our learners are capable of and will always be pushing them to new heights of greatness.







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