May 10

Taking the Classroom to McDonalds

How would you do education at McDonald’s you ask? We asked the exact same question.

As part of their Technology curriculum, the grade 8’s are investigating the impact of fast food packaging as one of the largest contributors to pollution. During homework investigations and heated classroom debates, we came up with some great student created solutions, as well as some harsh “send all the litterers to jail” ideas (not all the ideas were condoned!).

As a huge supplement to their learning, we took to the streets to do some real world research into how restaurants deal with these issues. McDonald’s Ballito was kind enough to allow us into their establishment and to show us the innermost workings of the fast food industry. We armed ourselves with carefully formulated questions, gained through our classroom debates, and were generously given a first-hand experience of how fast food packaging is made, stored and recycled or bio-degraded.

It was fantastic that we as a school were able to gain infield data on a topic from experts in their field. We believe that education should not be confined to the classroom and we are constantly looking for opportunities for students to explore their world and to learn via their curiosity.

Thank you Vincent (manager of McDonald’s Ballito) and your team, for the behind-the-scenes insight!

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