Feb 11


Day 1


Finally, the morning of Camp had arrived. The excitement and enthusiasm were tangible. After our very thorough bag check, DLA were finally off to Camp Hella Hella.

Unfortunately, the fun had to start a couple of hours late due to a navigation miscalculation by the transportation company. Nevertheless all arrived safely and spent a glorious afternoon swimming, cliff jumping and zip lining.

Dinner was a glorious beef stew with mash potatoes. And then….off for an evening walk. The heavens opened at about 9pm and there were many sodden, shivering young people huddled around the boma.


Day 2

A fresh start for a tired looking crew. It was time for our houses-Delta, Lamda, Alpha and Sigma- to make their mark and perfect their war cries. Then in true camp style, it was house against house in a series of nail biting, back breaking, brain searching activities.

After lunch, the dare devils and the truly courageous dived, splashed, canoed, in the magnificent free flowing river that makes Hella Hella such an incredible venue.



More excitement after hot showers…


Oh my! Did I say truly courageous? Well that’s because we hadn’t seen the ‘Leap of Faith’. Picture this…More rain; about a 3 metre  ladder leading to a platform overlooking a steep drop; safety harnesses and a group of grade 8 and 9 students wondering how on earth they were going to conquer this daunting task.Not only did they conquer it, but many wanted to repeat the performance, even in the pelting rain.


With the heavenly rain not showing signs of abating, the evening was spent playing indoor games and sharing conversations around the boma.




And day of departure! But not before a scrumptious breakfast and a final activity. Grades 10, 11 and 12 were to now tackle the ‘leap of faith’. Miss Kruger led the way and bravely showed us how it was done.


It was time to tell ‘Camp Stories’.  



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