Oct 07

Frasers Outreach

On the second last day of the 3rd term, the Destiny Life Academy family headed out to Frasers community to lend a hand and a heart.

The Frasers community is just one example of the type of living environment that so many of our fellow South Africans live in and this was an incredible opportunity for the staff and learners to witness first hand one such community right on our doorstep.

The community workers and locals out in Frasers were so welcoming and allowed us the freedom to really get stuck in and help where we could.

From sanding down tables, collecting litter and putting babies to sleep; to dancing up a storm and cooking lunch for the school kids… It was an incredible experience for all and we look forward to doing it again soon.

The DLA staff are so proud of how the learners got completely immersed in every part of the experience.

Well done, Destiny Life Academy family, for illustrating your love in action. You are all destined for greatness!