Aug 30

Prefect Elections

Tuesday morning saw DLA’s first set of prefects inaugurated to serve from now until this time next year. The seven prefects will fulfil the 5 portfolios, working hand in hand with staff and management in Academics, Hospitality, Sports and Culture, Discipline and Spirituality.

The process consisted of a number of steps that took place this term. Each class nominated learners. Those learners nominated who wished to stand for prefect ship were required to answer a few brief questions such as what they would take with them to the moon, to where they see DLA in 5 years and how they, personally can contribute to fulfilling that vision. They were also asked to select the portfolios for which they wished to stand. The entire school and staff then voted and the results, in general, were unanimous.

The staff, parents and grade 11 class celebrated after the inauguration assembly with tea and eats, provided by the grade 11 class. We congratulate our newly elected prefects and wish them all the best for their year of service in 2015/2016. Olivia Fouche’, Courtney Brown, Nathan Boulton, Jessica Siedle, Donovan Griffiths, Savannah Van Outshoorn and Nondumiso Ngema.